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[RPG] [Serurebu] Maomao Discovery Team Ver 1 0
Size92 MB in 42 files
ReleasesAdded Today at 1:56 into the Music category by Unknown.
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We are currently looking for a partner that can provide us proper descriptions for music/applications/games.

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icon MaoMao.exe872 KB
icon Save0 B
icon audio.idx576 B
icon audio.pac23.2 MB
icon data.idx16 B
icon data.pac0 B
icon pic.idx18 KB
icon pic.pac63.3 MB
icon readme_JP.txt3.8 KB
icon readme_TW.txt3.2 KB
icon se/Hammer.wav12.1 KB
icon se/LevelUp.wav74 KB
icon se/Liquid2.wav68.3 KB
icon se/Liquid4.wav72 KB
icon se/Liquid5.wav12.2 KB
icon se/Treasure.wav318.2 KB
icon se/Wolf.wav42.8 KB
icon se/beam7.wav171.2 KB
icon se/burst.wav295.5 KB
icon se/decide2.wav172.4 KB
icon se/energyBoom.wav328.8 KB
icon se/explord3.wav295.5 KB
icon se/explord4.wav221.7 KB
icon se/explord6.wav73.9 KB
icon se/explord7.wav590.8 KB
icon se/hit6.wav74 KB
icon se/hit8.wav41.2 KB
icon se/ice.wav74 KB
icon se/ice2.wav295.5 KB
icon se/laser5.wav96.6 KB
icon se/money.wav147.8 KB
icon se/quake.wav295.4 KB
icon se/recover.wav155.2 KB
icon se/slash.wav138.1 KB
icon se/slash3.wav8.4 KB
icon se/slash4.wav98.4 KB
icon se/slash5.wav85.6 KB
icon se/swing.wav74 KB
icon se/sword2.wav74 KB
icon se/thunder.wav295.5 KB
icon se/warp.wav221.7 KB
icon se/wood.wav74 KB